March 19, 2012

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March 12, 2012

March 8, 2012

Johnny Depp and Tim Burton Collaborate on Another "Character-y" Film

It's been announced that the highly-successful duo of director Tim Burton and hunky Adonis/character actor Johnny Depp will be getting to work on another film collaboration.

Though no plot currently exists, Burton promises his fans that the film will contain a lot of character-driven moments, fueled by Depp's unusual method acting.

Very subtle moments, no doubt.

"In the film, I play a man called Messiah Jones," Depp told reporters at the premier of yet another animated movie. "Well, I use the term 'man' loosely. For now, let's just say I play something called Messiah Jones."

Burton has described the character in the following ways: quirky, odd, peculiar, an outcast, and handsomely disheveled.

"He'll most likely wear a cooky outfit," says Burton. "Something with ostrich feathers and a big hat. Or maybe one of those monocles."

"There's something about our collaborations that are just so profit--I mean, creatively fulfilling," added Depp, coughing loudly and then pretending to take a sip of water from a clearly empty bottle. "It would be a shame to deny audiences the opportunity to pay us make at least fourteen more wacky films over the next three years."