November 6, 2009

Freddie Prinze Jr. Says Something. No One Remembers Exactly What.

On Wednesday of this past week (or possibly the week before) Freddie Prinze, Jr (son of Freddie Prinze, Sr. from what we've gathered) was said to have made a comment to Star Magazine outside of a Burbank coffee shop in regards to something or other. According to his IMDB page, Prinze starred in many teen comedy romps in the late 90s through the earlier parts of this decade. They were popular if I recall correctly.


Although there were literally dozens of onlookers who saw the wryly smirking Prinze speaking to a reporter, none of them could recollect what the actor (?) said. Rather, the group looked on in befuddlement as they individually tried their hardest to put a name to the kinda-familiar face.

Said one witness, "I think [he was speaking] about a new film he was working on. Or an infomercial he was doing." She added, "Or a children's book he was writing..."

The reporter for Star Magazine answered a key question. "I wasn't actually there to get a comment from [Freddie Prinze, Jr.]. I heard the guy from those ShamWow commercials was eating there. Thought I could get some words from him."

It remains certain if Prinze is still pursuing an acting career. It's also unclear whether or not he's the guy from that movie with Julia Styles that was based on that Shakespeare play. (*Editor's note: 10 Things I Hate About You starred Heath Ledger, not Freddie Prinze, Jr.) A number of onlookers outside the cafe began questioning Prinze, Jr's heritage as well. Several were heard commenting about his father's profession as either a musician, t-shirt designer, or rock climber. The concensus rested somewhere between extreme skiier and spoken-word poet.

Star Magazine has stated that they will not be publishing Prinze's comments in any upcoming issues of the near future.

In related news, Adam Lambert was spotted at Champagne Bakery at the corner of Santa Monica & Hilldale in West Hollywood eating a Turkey Florentine Panini with extra red onions and a small glass of iced tea.

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  1. I know him. He's that guy. You know - the one with the face.