November 23, 2009

Poet, Celebrity, Creeper.

My name is on your lips, on your best friend's heart.
I eclipse politics, religion, and everything near or far.
I am on your lunchbox, inside your idiot box too.
I'm stitched into your clothing, my t-shirt wears you.

I'm staring, bare-chested on your wall.
My hand's on my phone, awaiting your call.
We live in the same world, only mental blocks away.
We're breathing the same air, pumped through the same veins. 

I am outside your window.
I am under your skin.
I am David Hasselhoff,
And I'm coming in.

- Sincerely,


  1. Thanks for the nightmares I'm sure I'll be having tonight and every night.


  2. this brings new meaning to "the willies". He was my favorite part of the Sponge Bob movie though. I fully expect a killer Tiger Woods post from you soon - perhaps to the tune of the 12 days of